Mongolian Sheepskin Red Throw Pillow

Mongolian Sheepskin Red Throw Pillow

Buy Mongolian Sheepskin Red Throw Pillow
Price: $99.95
Pillow Color:Red
Pillow Fabric:Sheepskin/Wool,
Suede/Microfiber Suede
Patterns & Themes:Heavy Texture
Pillow Shape & Size:Square: 18" x 18"

Pillow Description

This decidedly luxurious pillow is made from Mongolian sheep's wool and is backed by a rich genuine suede leather in matching tone. The delightfully soft texture of this exclusive wool creates a powerful visual statement. This natural wool pillow's generous proportion and amazing texture make it a center piece to any room.

Pillow Features

18" x 18" Pillow
Front: 100% Mongolian Sheepskin in Red
Back: 100% Suede Finish Leather
Color matched, concealed Zipper Closure
Dry Clean Only